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At Naam Karan, we offer a range of services designed to help you find the perfect name for your baby, business, product, or service. Our expertise in Hindu Astrology and Vedas allows us to provide you with names that resonate with positivity, tradition, and uniqueness. Explore our services below and embark on a journey to discover the ideal name that aligns with your aspirations.

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Your Baby’s First Step Towards a Bright Future


Your Business Deserves a Name That Shines


Give Your Products Names That Resonate


Why is the need for such a Service?

Can’t you do it Yourself?

Of course, you can do it yourself and you are the best person to do that because it’s your creation or life, before all.

But suppose you have some factors on your mind that you want to consider while naming say Astrology or Numerology and you don’t think you are an expert at it; or if you want a name that stands out but for some reason, right now you can’t figure such name, or looking for more options; or you want to connect with your heritage or memories through the name; or any other reason, then you are at the right place. Your search for that Unique Name for your ‘One and Only Darling’ ends here.

We will help you with the Name that best meets the criteria you have set.

Baby Names

  • Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Our Baby Naming Service is designed to ensure your child’s name carries positive energies and sets the stage for a prosperous life.
  • Our expert astrologers will analyze your baby’s birth details to suggest names that align with their destiny and personality.
  • Discover meaningful names that reflect your cultural heritage and family traditions while also being unique and special.

Business Names

  • Naming a business is a crucial step in creating a strong brand identity. Let us help you choose a business name that stands out and attracts success.
  • Whether you’re launching a new venture or rebranding an existing business, our naming experts will consider factors such as numerology, astrology, and your business goals.
  • We’ll provide you with a list of business names that not only sound good but also bring positive energies to your enterprise.

Product Name

  • Your products deserve names that captivate your target audience and create a lasting impression. Our Product Naming Service is here to assist you.
  • We’ll work closely with you to understand the unique features and benefits of your products, ensuring that the names we suggest enhance their appeal.
  • Let us help you name your products creatively and effectively to boost brand recognition and sales.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

We understand that naming can be a deeply personal process. If you have specific criteria or preferences, our Custom Naming Criteria service is the perfect choice. You can define your naming criteria, including factors like favorability, compatibility, rarity, and more. We’ll create a customized list of names that meet your unique requirements, ensuring your satisfaction and alignment with your goals.

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